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27 September, 2023
BLOG27 September, 2023

The Catalan press echoes the Housing in c/ Marroc in Barcelona

The Catalan press echoes the assembly of the houses we are building on c/ Marroc in Barcelona. Different media, such as TV3, Betevé or La Vanguardia, among others, have […]
12 May, 2023
BLOG12 May, 2023

Visit of the Housing and Rehabilitation Councilor of the Barcelona City Council to the Compact Habit factory

We have had the privilege of receiving the visit of Mrs. Lucia Martin, Councilor for Housing and Rehabilitation of the Barcelona City Council, to our Compact […]
15 March, 2023
BLOG15 March, 2023


On March 8, the participants in the master visited our facilities in Cardona, organizing a first visit to the prototype house of 45 m2, awarded in […]


1 August, 2022
compact habit escola sert
BLOG1 August, 2022

Compact Habit was in the Course of Housing Modular Architectures

The Compact Habit Innovation manager and Architect Miguel Morte Morales, who is part of the Escola Sert teaching team, made a presentation of the three-dimensional Compact […]
9 March, 2022
Entrega claus FUB-4
BLOG9 March, 2022

Handing over the keys of the FUB-4 to UManresa

Today the keys of the FUB-4 building have been handed over. This new facility is intended to meet the teaching needs of the UManresa-Fundació Universitària del […]
9 February, 2022
BLOG9 February, 2022

Visit COAC – Comarques centrals at FUB4

Fifteen architects of the COAC (College of Architects of Catalonia) from the central counties demarcation visited the works on the new FUB-4 building in Manresa. Manel […]


18 October, 2021
Els Companys, Ampans
BLOG18 October, 2021

The Ampans school-residence called “Els Companys” is already up and running

The Ampans school-residence called “Els Companys”, located in Sant Fruitós de Bages and built by Constructora d’Aro using industrialized Compact Habit modules, has already come into […]
10 March, 2021
Hospital Arnau de Vilanova Compact Habit
BLOG10 March, 2021

New Multipurpose building attached to the Arnau de Vilanova University Hospital in Lleida

The “New Multipurpose building attached to the Arnau de Vilanova University Hospital in Lleida” is already a reality. The project, promoted by the Catalan Health Service […]


14 January, 2019
Offsite architecture, Compacthabit
BLOG14 January, 2019

Compacthabit is mentioned in the book “Offsite Architecture: constructing the future”

The book addresses the benefits of permanent modular construction (quality, cost, schedule). The  Compacthabit’s Manresa student dorm is one of the 17 international case studies, and […]


28 September, 2018
BLOG28 September, 2018

CompactHabit was present at the panel: “MMC- Modern Methods of Construction. Technologies available to production departments”

The Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0 Congress is the space at the REBUILD EXPO where to discover new materials, the latest emerging technologies and the most innovative […]
4 June, 2018
Living space for everyone-4-June 2018, ComapctHabit
BLOG4 June, 2018

Compacthabit is mentioned in the book “Living space for everyone? Perspectives on planning, politics and architecture”

The volume explore present strategies with which affordable housing can be created in Germany . In particular, it is addressed the potential of prefabricated construction systems […]
2 May, 2018
BLOG2 May, 2018

CompactHabit is mentioned in “Prefabrication and Automated Processes in Residential Construction” book

In Compact Habit we are proud to appear in this ground-breaking text (Jutta Albus, PhD), a must read for anyone in the modular business. Read or […]


31 August, 2017
CompactHabit article published by The Concrete Society magazine
BLOG31 August, 2017

CompactHabit article published by The Concrete Society

CompactHabit is proud to announce the publication of our article: “Sustainable mass modular building construction using concrete” in the Concrete Engineering International Magazine, Volume 21, Number […]
27 May, 2017
Saudi Building Technology Conference compacthabit invited
BLOG27 May, 2017

CompactHabit invited to participate at the Saudi Building Technology Conference.

The Minister of Housing, Majid bin Abdullah Al-Haqail, sponsored in Riyadh the 24th May the conference of building construction technology, with the participation of a number […]
10 May, 2017
CompactHabit Europe fastest growing companies FT1000 Financial Times forte croissance creixement rápido crecimiento
BLOG10 May, 2017

CompactHabit, one of the Europe’s fastest growing companies

Compact Habit listed #159 on the FT1000 and #8 in the construction sector. The FT1000 lists the 1,000 companies in Europe that have achieved the highest […]
2 March, 2017
Modular Precast Construction conference invited compacthabit
BLOG2 March, 2017

CompactHabit invited to speak at the 6th Annual Modular&Precast Construction event, Bangkok, Thailand 3-5 May 2017

The breakout session is entiltled: “From traditional general contractor to Modular Building System solution provider: Accelerating speed and cost effectiveness”


6 August, 2015
permanent modular construction benchmarking building insititue mbi compacthabit
BLOG6 August, 2015

CompactHabit listed on a Best Practices Report in Permanent Modular Construction

Ryan E. Smith, Associate Professor and Director of the Integrated Technology & Architecture Center (ITAC) at the University of Utah and the Modular Building Institute Educational […]
16 June, 2015
Singapore PPVC modular BCA building construction authority compacthabit invited paco conde
BLOG16 June, 2015

CompactHabit invited to speak in Singapore

The Executive Workshop on Designing and Constructing a Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) will be held at BCA Academy on 2 July 2015: The Building and Construction […]


17 December, 2014
CompactHabit participe Paris salon commande publique France modulaire
BLOG17 December, 2014

CompactHabit takes part in the reference exhibition in the field of public procurement in Paris

The company, established in Cardona, has an exhibit in the Salon des Maires, in Versailles, and shows its modular building system
18 November, 2014
World of Modular conference mbi institute USA paco conde compacthabit
BLOG18 November, 2014

CompactHabit invited to speak at the 2015 World of Modular

CompactHabit has been invited to speak at the Modular Construction Industry’s largest event. The breakout session is entiltled: “Sustainable Mass Modular Construction Using Concrete”.
28 October, 2014
BLOG28 October, 2014

CompactHabit’s first contract in Switzerland

Compact Habit has obtained a contract to develop the offices of the Swiss company Brezelkönig AG, which belongs to Valora Holding AG. The project will involve 9 industrialized modules and a total of 580m2.
19 October, 2014
BLOG19 October, 2014

CompactHabit takes part in the Salon des Maires et des Collectivité Locales in Paris

Compact Habit will attend as exhibitor the Salon des Maires, which will be held from 25 to 27 November at Porta de Versailles in Paris.
15 July, 2014
CompactHabit Cardona festa anual Col•legi Aparelladors Arquitectes Tecnics
BLOG15 July, 2014

CompactHabit in Cardona welcomed the Surveyor and Technical Architect Association

The company, established in Cardona, has an exhibit in the Salon des Maires, in Versailles, and shows its modular building system
30 June, 2014
CompactHabit emii modular offsite special transport modulo concrete
BLOG30 June, 2014

CompactHabit expands its marketing approaches, targeting the European market

Following the successful marketing of its industrialized modules in the French market (a 220 bedroom student residence in the French city of Pau is currently in full production), (...)
18 June, 2014
BLOG18 June, 2014

The eMii system, protagonist at the annual convention of the Modular Building Institute in Texas

The CompactHabit eMii system was presented last March the 22nd in San Antonio (Texas) in the 31st Modular Building Institute Convention as a part of the […]
5 June, 2014
BLOG5 June, 2014

The Surveyor and Technical Arquitect Associtation will hold its anual celebration at the premises of CompactHabit

Nearly 80 professionals will have the opportunity to know first-hand the Compact Habit innovative eMii modular building system. The premises of Compact Habit in Cardona, where […]
25 April, 2014
CompactHabit modular High-security warehouse concrete nuclear
BLOG25 April, 2014

Nuclear power plants in Tarragona bet on CompactHabit’’s construction system

CompactHabit, with headquarters in Cardona, will deliver three modules at the end of this month to the Associació Nuclear d’Ascó i Vandellós (Ascó and Vandellós Nuclear […]
17 March, 2014
BLOG17 March, 2014

Universities and professionals open to the CompactHabit innovative modular building system

In a few days, the Catalan company will take part in a 5 different forums. The important role of CompactHabit in the industrialised building system has […]
26 February, 2014
Construction21 compacthabit
BLOG26 February, 2014

CompactHabit attends a technical seminar on sustainability in Girona

CompactHabit will attend a technical seminar on sustainability in the University of Girona on February the 27th. The event will introduce the attendees the eMii System, […]
20 February, 2014
CompactHabit student dorm unihabit residencia estudiantes residence universitaire girona modular concrete beton formigo hormigon
BLOG20 February, 2014

A Chinese editorial publishes a report about the CompactHabit Students’ Accommodation in Girona

Hi-Desing International Publishing publishes the book Sustainable & Green Building, which shows the most important cultural, medical and residential sustainable projects in the world. HI-DESIGN, a […]


19 September, 2013
BLOG19 September, 2013

The CompactHabit Modular Building System Receives CE Marking

This recognition states that company is in compliance with the new European Regulation on Construction Products CompactHabit’s modular building system has received CE Marking, which recognizes […]
26 July, 2013
BLOG26 July, 2013

The CH student residence in Sant Cugat earns an honourable mention for innovation at the 2012 Public Housing Prizes of Catalonia

The jury stressed that the industrialised, energy-efficient construction adapted to fit the land was a skilful exercise in architecture The Catalan Association of Public Land and […]
22 July, 2013
BLOG22 July, 2013

CompactHabit extends the European Technical Assessment (ETA) document for its modular construction system.

The modules are fire-resistant for up to 120 minutes The constant evolution in the system enables the construction process to be simplified The Industrialised Integral Modular […]
5 June, 2013
BLOG5 June, 2013

CompactHabit receives an honourable mention in the building awards at the Construmat 2013 Trade Fair

The prizewinning works were the Valles School of Architecture (ETSAV) student residence halls in Sant Cugat del Vallès. The company also participated in the fair as […]
3 May, 2013
Construmat compacthabit feria construccion fira
BLOG3 May, 2013

CompactHabit will attend in the next CONSTRUMAT 2013 that will be held from 21 to 24 May at Fira de Barcelona

The presence of Compact Habit will be as an exhibitor. In our stand, the visitor could have access to exclusive information about our company and our […]
11 March, 2013
Pau residence etudiant student dorm residencia estudiant france frança francia compacthabit
BLOG11 March, 2013

CompactHabit internationalizes the eMii system by constructing a university residence hall in the French city of Pau.

This will be the first project for the company outside of Spain. The residence hall will have 217 rooms and 2 suites. For the first time, […]
28 February, 2013
Batimed france frança francia salon btp construction construccio compacthabit
BLOG28 February, 2013

CompactHabit will participate in the Batimed fair in Marseille and the MIPIM event in Cannes

Compact Habit will be present from 20 to 22 March in Batimed, which will take place in Marseille; the reference show for the building and public […]


19 October, 2012
BLOG19 October, 2012

CompactHabit participates in a round table about construction innovation and social housing in south-western Europe

CompactHabit shall participate in a round table organised by the Ecohabitat programme. Ecohabitat is a transnational cooperation project for technological innovation and social practices concerning sustainable […]
28 September, 2012
BLOG28 September, 2012

Valencia and Gandia Receive Two Presentations of the CompactHabit eMii System

Within the strategy of expansion and opening of new markets, Compact Habit has scheduled two presentations for November 6 with the main goal of introducing the […]
28 September, 2012
BLOG28 September, 2012

CompactHabit Has Been Invited to Present the Emii System Within the Framework of the 19th International IFF Conference in Germany

Compact Habit shall participate in the 19th International IFF (Institut für Fertigteiltechnik und Fertigbau) Conference, which will take place on November 13 and 14 in the […]
28 September, 2012
NYC new york proposal compacthabit eMii modular building affordable housing hlm logement modulaire
BLOG28 September, 2012

An architect incorporates CompactHabit’ modular building system into a tender to build micro-unit aparments in NY

This modular building system patented by Compact Habit, a Catalonian company, forms part of the project that French architect Lionel Scharly has presented in a tender […]
20 June, 2012
CompactHabit modular salon semana construccion madrid ifema
BLOG20 June, 2012

CompactHabit participates in the first Construction Week in Madrid

Compact Habit participated, as exhibitors, in the Construtec fair as part of the first Construction Week held from 8 to 11 May at the IFEMA (Trade […]
20 June, 2012
Lorca resilient seismic antisismo compacthabit modular offsite emii
BLOG20 June, 2012

Two projects designed with CompactHabit’ eMii system win the competition for reconstruction of Lorca

The results of a design ideas competition for the reconstruction of the neighbourhoods of San Fernando and La Viña in Lorca were made public this past April. The competition was […]
20 June, 2012
BLOG20 June, 2012

The first tourist dwellings that will be part of the area “La Mediterrània” within the Cambrils Park tourist resort are prepared

Although the work is still in the execution phase (façades, roofs and development of the area), the first tourist dwellings built using the Compact Habit integral […]
15 June, 2012
PIMEC compacthabit award prix premi SME PYME
BLOG15 June, 2012

PIMEC gives CompactHabit the most competitive small medium-sized enterprise award

This Monday, Compact Habit received the SME award for being the most competitive medium-sized enterprise in Catalonia in 2011. The ceremony was held in Barcelona and […]
7 May, 2012
CompactHabit student dorm residencia estudiantes residence universitaire sant cugat modular concrete beton formigo hormigon
BLOG7 May, 2012

CompactHabit and Constructora d’Aro received the Greenbuilding Award from the European Commission for the university residence

CompactHabit and Constructora d’Aro received the Greenbuilding Award granted by the European Commission to the promoters of new buildings that stand out for their low environmental […]
4 April, 2012
BLOG4 April, 2012

CompactHabit earns European Technical Assessment for its modular construction system

The Comprehensive Industrialised Modular Building system (eMii) patented by Compact Habit has earned European Technical Approval, first-rate accreditation in the construction sector which recognises high quality […]
2 March, 2012
BLOG2 March, 2012

Compact Habit and the eMii system (Industrialized integral modular system) have been awarded by Novabuild with the third prize for innovation

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13 December, 2011
BLOG13 December, 2011

The resort Cambrils Park orders 170 Mediterranean houses built with the innovative system CompactHabit

Each house has one to three bedrooms and is set in a typical Mediterranean village setting. The Camping Resort Cambrils Park, that offers luxury family tourism […]
5 October, 2011
manresa compacthabit student dorm residencia estudiant logement étudiant FUB UPC
BLOG5 October, 2011

CompactHabit, a pioneer in housing industrialization, expands their scope to the entire Iberian Peninsula

In September three university student housing buildings were opened in Girona, Sant Cugat and Manresa, they were constructed with the eMii system developed using technology patented […]
26 August, 2011
Consultorios Modulares Hospital Trueta Girona Compacthabit
BLOG26 August, 2011

CompactHabit builds 89 clinics for the Josep Trueta Hospital in Girona using their modular system

Compact Habit, a Catalonian company that has patented an innovative construction system, built 89 new clinics for the Health Department of the Generalitat (Autonomous Government of […]
6 August, 2011
Residencia Estudiants students dorm Manresa Modular Emii Compacthabit
BLOG6 August, 2011

Thirty students have already applied for an apartment in the new university residence in Manresa

Manresa will have the next course the desired residence. The company who exploits it, Compact Habit, has received over thirty requests for students to rent one […]
20 June, 2011
BLOG20 June, 2011

CompactHabit reaches module 500

The Compact Habit formula lets a building be finished in 75% less time than a traditional construction system. Compact Habit, an innovative construction company that started […]
21 March, 2011
Inauguracion CompactHabit President Generalitat Artur Mas
BLOG21 March, 2011

Artur Mas, President of the Generalitat has inaugurated the CompactHabit production plant

The company, designed by Josep Tragant, founder of Constructora d’Aro, is an innovative model on the national and international level. The Generalitat (Autonomous Government of Catalonia) […]