The Catalan press echoes the Housing in c/ Marroc in Barcelona

27 September, 2023

The Catalan press echoes the assembly of the houses we are building on c/ Marroc in Barcelona.
Different media, such as TV3, Betevé or La Vanguardia, among others, have attended, today, the assembly of the prefabricated Compact Habit modular homes manufactured in our factory in Cardona.
The project consists of a joint venture between Constructora d’Aro and Constructora del Cardoner working hand in hand with the studios Vivas Arquitectos and Exe Arquitectura.
The press agrees in highlighting the constructive advantages of this process compared to traditional construction, which allows shortening deadlines and reducing them and the waste generated.
This project, aimed at building 45 officially protected flats, has been possible with the assembly of 104 modules, two for each house, in just 17 days!