Company presentation

CompactHabit was founded in 2004, and is located in “La Cort” industrial complex at Cardona, Barcelona.

CompactHabit is owned by Constructora d’Aro, one of the leading construction companies in Catalonia, with more than 50 years of experience on the construction of all types of buildings.
CompactHabit was created with a view to solve some of the problems existing in the construction sector. After years of research and development, CompactHabit has opted for the offsite and industrialized construction of volumetric modules that are fully finished and equipped in the factory: the innovative “eMii®” system (Edificación Modular Integral Industrializada or Offsite Integral Modular Building). .

Compared with the traditional system, this procedure developed by CompactHabit is innovative in 4 fundamental aspects:

  • Process innovation
  • Product innovation
  • Technology innovation
  • Business model innovation

These innovations allow us to overcome the weaknesses of the traditional system by:

  • Rationalising the construction process.
  • Increasing the level of construction quality.
  • Avoiding frequent deviations in costs and timeframes.
  • Reducing the sector's high accident rate, preventing occupational risks.
  • Improving working conditions for staff.
  • Minimising waste generation.
  • Generating economies of scale.


Social commitment

CompactHabit aims to ensure the well-being of society and collaborate in improving the daily life of some more disadvantaged sectors of the community. This type of contribution to the community is not considered expenditure, but rather a necessary investment for all socially responsible companies; It is a question that goes beyond the economic, it is about people.

For this reason, the company intends to participate in diverse social and/or environmental action, to contribute, with this commitment, to generating joint responsibility in housing matters. The company wishes to share responsibility with the government authorities for the production of quality homes that are accessible to everyone.

Finally, it is important to note the company's concern for covering the housing needs of young people and quality of life for older people.

Awards and acknowledgements

Since our launch, at CompactHabit we have received awards for our work in innovation and industrialisation. These are notable within a sector as resistant to evolution as construction.

To date, the awards and acknowledgements received are: