Modular solutions


The offsite integral modular building system of CompactHabit® is oriented at improving construction with respect to quality and execution time. This brings great change to the current building methods and enables technical evolution that provides a multitude of possible models depending on the needs of the market.

It is a priority for us that all the industrialized modules are independent of each other, and only come into contact through elastic elements that cut the direct transmission of sound. This condition, along with the complete construction system, makes CompactHabit® different from other industrialized systems throughout the world.

Below we describe the design conditions considered and included in the eMii® system:

  • Quality: as a starting point and priority.
  • Dimensions of the module: large enough (maximum 75m2) to suit the units and reduce the amount of assembly joints that require work inside the enclosure with all the finishings already completed.
  • Dimensions suitable for transport.
  • Weight of the assembly: suitable for transport and lifting with cranes with a high load capacity.
  • Possibility of adaptation to different dimensions according to the project.
  • Solidity of the assembly.
  • Self-supporting module, without auxiliary structures.
  • Improved durability thanks to the type of concrete.
  • Ease of assembly.
  • Possibility of relocate the building, including dismantling the assembly for recycling and reconversion.
  • Reduction of occupational risks. Occupational safety.