At CompactHabit we have based our business model on two clear lines:

1. The first consists of manufacturing at the production plant in Cardona and then sending the finished modules by truck, ship, etc. to its building location. This first line fits in with projects on the UE and, similarly, in “pilot” projects which may arise from agreements with other international organizations/companies.

2. The second consists of transferring technology (know-how, patents, machinery, production rights, marketing, etc.) to local funding and executive partners that can exploit the eMii® system at their destination and in a determined area of operation. Currently, the expansion policy is based on the creation of a company with minimal participation of CompactHabit (contributing with this know-how). This contribution shall never be monetary but shall provide benefits to the local company such as training, constant innovation, support, etc. In exchange, the company pays CompactHabit S.L. a fixed initial fee (flat fee) and royalties per module invoiced.

This model opens the door to the use of the CompactHabit® system in countries and areas where the transport costs make manufacture in the Cardona plant impossible. In addition, the local manufacture using CompactHabit® technology means this company has the free use of an instrument to make any type of building that may be composed of repeatable modular units.

Patents and Trademarks

Our Trademarks are:

  • eMii™
  • compacthabit™
  • ch™

And our Patents are:

  • Method and installation for manufacturing hollow, prismatic, modular reinforced-concrete elements, and element obtained there from.
  • Joining Element Between Modules For Constructions.

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