Handing over the keys of the FUB-4 to UManresa

9 March, 2022
Entrega claus FUB-4

Entrega claus FUB-4

Today the keys of the FUB-4 building have been handed over. This new facility is intended to meet the teaching needs of the UManresa-Fundació Universitària del Bages (FUB).
The building, designed by architect Manel Parés, has a total built area of 2,160 m², is composed of 33 Compact Habit industrialized modules and was completed in a total of 9 months (5 months in the factory + 4 months on site).
The General Director of the UManresa-FUB, Dr. Valentí Martinez Espinosa, has completed the reception together with the entire teaching team that will work on a daily basis.