Artur Mas, President of the Generalitat has inaugurated the CompactHabit production plant

21 March, 2011
Inauguracion CompactHabit President Generalitat Artur Mas

Inauguracion CompactHabit President Generalitat Artur Mas

The company, designed by Josep Tragant, founder of Constructora d’Aro, is an innovative model on the national and international level.

The Generalitat (Autonomous Government of Catalonia) holds shares in the company through Avançsa. In recent months Compact Habit has constructed four important buildings. This Monday in the late afternoon at the Cardona industrial estate Artur Mas, President of the Generalitat, inaugurated a production plant belonging to one of the most innovative Spanish companies in the construction sector, Compact Habit.
Compact Habit focuses its activity on construction of completely finished and equipped industrialized modules for building construction using totally industrialized processes.


This company, the brainchild of Josep Tragant, majority shareholder at Constructora d’Aro, has in recent months constructed four residential and service oriented complexes; it has some important projects currently on the table. President Mas praised the company’s innovative character and the versatility of the buildings while remarking on their environmental value because “they guarantee a minimum savings of 25% compared to any other type of construction while complying with current legislation.”