It is a sector that is perfectly suitable for the eMii® system.
We can identify two subsectors:
• Infant and primary schools
• Secondary schools

  • Date
    30 November, 2022
    Construction of a building and its urbanization for the Fundació Universitària del Bages, known by the acronym FUB4. The building is aimed to cover the needs […]
  • Institut escola Montagut Santa Susanna, CompactHabit
    Primary&Secondary School

    Santa Susanna (Barcelona)

    22 January, 2020
    Construction of high school building between the existing primary building and the sports court. It is a eMii-CS building, with a ground floor single volume and […]
  • Projecte Escola Vidreres de Compatchabit 5
    Primary School

    Vidreres (Girona)

    9 April, 2019
    This primary school located in Vidreres is resolved with 29 eMii-CS offsite modules. The building layout conforms an “L” shape and it’s erected in two levels: […]
  • Secondary School escola secundaria IES lycée Palleja compacthabit eMii-C
    Secondary School

    Pallejà (Barcelona)

    10 July, 2017
    The scope of this project was the enlargement of the high school in Pallejà (Baix Llobregat). This enlargement came from the need of schooling a growig […]
  • CompactHabit primary school escola primaria CEIP modular concrete formigó acer eMii-CS nou de gaià
    Primary School

    Nou de Gaià (Tarragona)

    10 July, 2017
    This project located the main classroom and administration area on the south side of the lot and is arranged over two floors. Ground floor houses pre-school […]
  • Primary School Castell d'Aro hybrid emii modular compacthabit
    Primary School

    Castell d’Aro (Girona)

    10 July, 2017
    This off-site modular school is located in Castell-Platja d’Aro, in Girona province . The building is arranged on a single floor, and the structural solution adopted […]