The eMii® system of CompactHabit® could also be accommodated in the industrial sector. It can be used for power, petrochemical or purification plants.

In this sector, the modules’ concrete structure stands out as blast resistant buildings for its high technical performance, as well as for security against explosion, fire resistance, reduction of the execution time, reduction of accidents, high thermal and acoustic insulation, seismic resistance, etc. It is worth stressing that the eMii system has been approved by a North American Insurance who has classified the modules as ´Medium Strength Portable Buildings’

  • Compacthabit Fonerarioa Condals Tomography Modular Modulaire Hormigon 2
    Tomography Room

    Manresa (Barcelona)

    19 November, 2018
    Condals Foundry, in Manresa, orders the production, supply and assembly of a single-floor modular building with the aim of being used as an office building housing […]
  • High-security warehouses Asco blast resistant nuclear plant eMii-C compacthabit 02
    High-security warehouses

    Ascó (Tarragona)

    10 July, 2017
    The project consists in manufacturing, providing and assembling three high strength industrialized modules for the ANAV (Ascó and Vandellós Nuclear Association). These modules will store security equipment and important […]
  • Dow Chemical security office Tarragona blast resistant oficina modular eMiii-C compacthabit 03
    Dow Chemical security office

    Tarragona (Tarragona)

    10 July, 2017
    Entrance security office at the contractor’s facilities of DOW Chemical. It is composed of two CH modules arranged in ground floor. The interior space includes a […]